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February 29th St Francis Legion (Duo only) 5-9

April 4th  Broadway Bar and Pizza-Elk River  3-7

May 28th  Maple Grove Farmer's Market (Solo) 4-7

June 3rd  Spring Lake Park-Park Concert  6:30-8:00

       1696 – 79th Ave Ne, Spring lake Park--Lakeside Lions Park





January 5th  Broadway Bar and Pizza-Elk River  3-7

February 22nd  Elk River Legion 7-11

March 16th  St. Francis Legion 4-8

May 10th  Elk River legion  7-11

June 8th FFA Alumni’s Tractor Pull Sherburne County Fair Grounds 1-4pm.

June 20th  Maple Grove Farmer's Market  4-7  (Duo only)

June 22nd  St. Francis Legion  4-8

August 2nd  Scott-Carver Threshers' Association 2-6 Jordan, MN


August 25th  Riverfront Memorial Park (north of Anoka City Hall),

                     2201 2nd Ave, Anoka 7-8          

August 30th Rice County Steam and Gas Show 2-5:30

December 7th  Broadway Bar and Pizza-Elk River 3-7


January 6th St. Francis Legion 5-9

January 12th  Hopkins VFW 7-11

January 14th  Mpls Eagles #34  3-6

January 27th  J's Down Under (Buffalo) 8-12

February 2nd  Elk River Legion 8-12

March 3rd  Fridley VFW  7-11

March 10th  Grumpy's (St Bonifacious)  9-1

April 8th  Mpls Eagles #34  3-6

April 28th-St. Francis American Legion  5-9

April 29th  Fridley VFW  4-8

June 10th  St Francis American Legion 12-4

June 30th  Fridley VFW  7-11

July 22nd  Sherburne County Fair 1-4

July 29th Fridley VFW  4-8

August 31st  Rice County Steam & Gas Engines 2:00-5:30

September 20th  Maple Grove Farmer's Market  4-7  (Mike solo)

September 30th  Mpls Eagles #34  3-6

October 6th  St. Francis Legion  5-9

December 1st  St. Francis Legion  5-9

December 29th Fridley VFW  7-11

December 30th  Mpls Eagles #34 3-6


January 28th  Fridley VFW 7-11

January 29th  Mpls Eagles 3-6

February 10th  J's Down Under (Buffalo)  8-12

February 24th  Hopkins VFW 7-11

February 25th  Fridley VFW 7-11

March 5th  Fridley VFW  4-8

April 21st  J's Down Under  (Buffalo) 8-12

April 23rd  Park Grove Bowl (St. Paul Park)12-5

April 29th  Fridley VFW  7-11

May 27th  Fridley VFW  7-11

May 28th  Mpls Eagles 3-6

June 2nd  J's Down Under (Buffalo)  8-12

June 11th-George Green Park-Anoka  7-8

June 24th  Fridley VFW  7-11

July 30th  Fridley VFW 4-8

August 26  Fridley VFW 7-11

September 2nd  The Hideaway Bar-Rockville 8:30-12:30

September 3rd  Fridley VFW  4-8

October 29th  Fridley VFW 4-8

November 4th The Hideaway Bar-Rockville 8:30-12:30

November 10th  Hopkins VFW 7-11

November 25th Fridley VFW 7-11

December 2nd  Broadway Bar and Pizza-Elk River  3-7

December 16th  Grumpy's Bar and Grill-St. Bonifacius 9-1


January 2nd-Fridley VFW  7-11

January 31-Fridley VFW  4-8

February 19th-J's Down Under (Buffalo) 7-11

April 9th-Fridley VFW 7-11

April 22nd-J's Down Under  8:30-12:30

May 13th-Hopkins VFW  7-11

May 29th-Fridley VFW 4-8

June 10th-Hopkins VFW 7-11

July 2nd-Fridley VFW 7-11

September 23rd-Hopkins VFW 7-11

September 24th-Fridley VFW 7-11

October 30th-Fridley VFW  4-8






January 10th-Fridley VFW  7:30-11:30

January 16th-Hopkins VFW  8-12

January 31th-Zimmerman American Legion  7-11

February 14th-Fridley VFW 7:30-11:30

March 7th-Fridley VFW 7:30-11:30

April 25th-Fridley VFW 7:30-11:30

May 2nd-Fridley VFW 7:30-11:30

May 22nd-Zimmerman Legion 8-12

June 7th-Fridley VFW 4-8

July 10th-Hopkins VFW 8-12

July 12th-Anoka Park Concert 7-8 (George Green Park)

July 18th-Fridley VFW 7-11

August 8th-Fridley VFW 7-11

August 15th-Zimmerman Legion 7-11

September 5th-Fridley VFW 7-11

September 13th-Mpls Eagle #34  3-6

October 4th-Fridley VFW  4-8

October 23rd-Zimmerman Legion  8-12

October 31st-Red Fox Tavern-Lakeville  9-1 

November 7th-Fridley VFW  7-11

December 6th-Fridley VFW  4-8

December 11th-Elk River Legion  8-12

December 19th-Dugout Bar and Grill, Bethel









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